Obama Administration Blames the Messenger

The Obama administration wants to "pivot" to jobs.  A bit late, I would say.  They wasted a year pushing health care reform.  That passed with zero Republican votes in the House and Senate, and about the same number of Republican ideas.  When the Democrats controlled both branches of Congress and the White House, they shoved their approach down the throats of Republican in Congress, and an American public that opposed it then, and still opposes the legislation by a 3-to-2 margin.   There was not a lot of concern about a "balanced approach" to health care reform.  That is why tort reform was absent, and HSAs and pro-competitive approaches were set back.  Rahm Emanuel favored a much more modest, less costly approach than ObamaCare, one that assisted those who were uninsurable to get coverage.  But Obama wanted something big, and he got it -- a big and bad approach that will raise health care spending by hundreds of billions a year, at a time...(Read Full Article)