Much More than a Third Rate Burglary

To believe that no top administration officials were involved in Operation Fast and Furious is not only disingenuous, it's dumb.  Of course some top Obama administration officials were involved, if for no other reason than contemporary bureaucrats simply lack the intestinal fortitude to initiate such an ill-conceived and uncoordinated program without clearance from above.  Here's a quote from a former ATF operative which makes that clear: "I can tell you in every case I was involved in, the bureau would've been afraid to let the guns go," said William Vizzard who worked almost 30 years doing gun investigations for ATF and later taught criminal justice at California State University. "There was always the obsessive fear that if a gun goes out there ... it may be misused and traced back to you, and the political implications are terrible." Note that political implications.  Where bureaucratic control of such programs typically ends is at that not always bright line where...(Read Full Article)