Maxine Waters Needs a Mirror

Queen of the poverty pimps Maxine Waters must so wish that Obama were a whole white man.  Democrat or not, if Obama were white, Waters would be heaping all the blame on those frail little shoulders of his.  But because Obama has been presented as "authentically black," Waters was recently forced to stop short of condemning him.  Instead, she unleashed on the closest white item she could find: the Tea Party. Anything to keep her ignorant followers from actually thinking about where to place the blame. Maxine Waters has held dominion over the black people of Watts, CA for over twenty years, and Watts is worse now than it was when she began representing them.  This is despite Waters' and others in the Congressional Black Caucus' $17T War on Poverty dating back to the Great Society -- the time when black pimps voted for the racist Democratic president LBJ, who said to "give them [uppity Negroes] just enough to get by, but not enough to make a difference." Telling...(Read Full Article)