London's Hooligans

The world was shocked.  London -- venerable, staid, the quintessence of civilization -- seemed to descend into savagery.  For several days, England's capital was convulsed in paroxysms of random, degenerate violence. My concern about London had a personal dimension.  My daughter lives there.  Naturally, when we saw the news reports, my wife and I checked up on her.  London is a huge, sprawling metropolis, and we were relieved to know that the violence stayed away from the places where she lives and works. While grateful for our daughter's safety, we, like millions of others around the world, were saddened by the mindless violence, appalled by the orgy of theft, disgusted by the pointless destruction of property, and sickened by the sheer wantonness with which the perpetrators contemptuously violated the fundamental rights of others.  In the perennial contest between savagery and civilization, depravity and decency, the wrong side held the upper hand for a...(Read Full Article)