Israeli Land Concessions: Wrong Answer to the Wrong Problem

Dr. Stephen Covey compares leadership to management as follows: if workers are chopping their way through a jungle, managers figure out how to help them to chop faster.  A leader climbs a tree, looks around, and realizes, "We're in the wrong jungle!"  Every discussion of how much land Israel must give up to have peace exemplifies this principle because the Islamic Middle East cannot tolerate the nearby presence of even one acre under Judeo-Christian control. The issue is therefore not, nor has it ever been, "Israeli occupation of Arab land."  It has always been what China calls the Mandate of Heaven, or what Gordon R. Dickson in None but Man calls the Aspect of Respectability.  The aliens in the story are effectively ancient Chinese or feudal Japanese with space ships, and the text provides outstanding elaboration of the concept. To be Respectable among the Moldaug is to be in proper accord with the leaders of the race, that ensure and maintain the survival of the...(Read Full Article)