Israel, Liberalism, and Moral Cowardice

There are touchstones of morality in life. In 1938, resisting Hitler was a big one in Europe; in 1990, support for freedom in the Soviet Empire was another one. Today we have a new test of character. Americans have never had much of a problem telling the good guys from the bad guys. It isn't that hard.  If they are head-chopping murderers who go around burning girls' schools in Afghanistan, committing random rapes in Norway,  and truck-bombing civilians in open-air markets in Iraq, chances are that they are bad guys. See? That wasn't so hard. So why don't the liberals get what's obvious to a child of six? After wrestling with it for years, I think it all comes down to moral cowardice. Today we are surrounded by moral cowards; people who have chosen to evade choices between good and evil. Every day when they hear the news they shrivel up again like snails drawing into their shells,  because moral cowardice is not a one-time thing. It a lifetime practice of shifty...(Read Full Article)