I Already Own a Bullet Train

If you're of a mind someday to whisk conveniently between Fresno and Buttonwillow -- and, hey, who doesn't daydream about that? -- California will have you covered.  Traveling 220 miles per hour (mph), you'll get from "nowhere" to "nowhere" in a brisk 30 minutes. You're right: "nowhere" is a harsh way to describe two hardworking towns in a valley better known as the "Food Basket of the World."  But I'm just quoting one-time representative, former California State Assemblyman Rusty Areais, who snivels that "'[n]owhere' will never share the relative prosperity of this state until we do something about its relative isolation" (audio).  According to Rusty, racing through "nowhere" at 220 mph will finally put "nowhere" on the map.  Don't blink denizens of Merced.  "Your" "share" of California's "prosperity" just whizzed by. On the other hand, maybe former Assemblyman Areais does have a point.  With California careening toward bankruptcy, who wouldn't want to...(Read Full Article)