How Stupid is Obama?

We've long been aware that the One is not quite the superior intellect he was sold as.  Obama, we were told, was the rare possessor of a mind with the profundity of a Socrates, the breadth of a Goethe, and the penetration of a Newton.  An intellect unrivaled on the current American political scene, and possibly without equal in this country's politics since the beginning. Events have certainly demolished that little trope.  Within weeks of the inauguration, sometime between "I won" and the Air Force One trip to New York for a single night's outing with Michelle, it became clear that the American Solomon was no better than average.  And in the immortal words of Harvey Pekar, "Average is dumb." It's a difficult thing to judge the relative intelligence of presidents.  Thomas Jefferson is widely considered to be the smartest individual to serve as president, and I'd be inclined to agree -- as long as his actual record in office is left out.  The Jefferson...(Read Full Article)