How Nixon Created Obama

As Matt Patterson pointed out in these pages, Obama is the Affirmative Action President.  He was elected to make up for America's never-ending guilt about black folks.  That obsessional guilt trip works so well that it's landed us in racial socialism, also called affirmative action.  Marxism whips up resentments of the poor against the rich -- but in fact it empowers only the left.  Well, racial socialism does the same thing.  It whips up "people of color" against evil palefaces in order to empower the left.  It's the Ku Klux Klan in new sheets. In the "historic" election of 2008, a white kid told me he voted for The Savior "because Hillary looks too white."  It was his little contribution to affirmative action.  He will now be victimized for life for the color of his skin. Well, who started affirmative action? AA as compensatory racial favoritism was first announced by Lyndon Baines Johnson.  But it was implemented by the Nixon Labor...(Read Full Article)