How Nixon Created Obama

As Matt Patterson pointed out in these pages, Obama is the Affirmative Action President.  He was elected to make up for America's never-ending guilt about black folks.  That obsessional guilt trip works so well that it's landed us in racial socialism, also called affirmative action.  Marxism whips up resentments of the poor against the rich -- but in fact it empowers only the left.  Well, racial socialism does the same thing.  It whips up "people of color" against evil palefaces in order to empower the left.  It's the Ku Klux Klan in new sheets.

In the "historic" election of 2008, a white kid told me he voted for The Savior "because Hillary looks too white."  It was his little contribution to affirmative action.  He will now be victimized for life for the color of his skin.

Well, who started affirmative action?

AA as compensatory racial favoritism was first announced by Lyndon Baines Johnson.  But it was implemented by the Nixon Labor Department as the Revised Philadelpha Plan, with strict racial quotas and timetables.  The Philadelphia Plan was supposed to make up for genuine discrimination against blacks in the Philadelphia buildings trades.  But it quickly triggered an avalanche of racial compensation claims, legal decisions, and executive orders that flipped the burden of proof.

Today, instead of having to prove a history of group discrimination, AA simply presumes a proven history of discrimination and compels employers to prove it ain't so.  Nixon ordered the Commerce Department to start its first racial compensation plan.  In 1973 he "required all United States Federal Agencies to implement affirmative employment opportunity programs for all federal employees."

Once AA applied to all federal agencies, it quickly spread to all institutions that took money from the feds, including the states and local governments, universities, colleges, general education systems, federal contractors, and on and on.  AA became the presumption of universal white guilt in America.

Now there is legitimate compensation law, going back to the Bible and the Code of Hammurabi.  If I harm you from malice or neglect, I owe you compensation.  The trouble with AA is that it no longer requires proof.  If you're white, male, and heterosexual, you are presumed guilty.  If racial discrimination harmed someone centuries ago, AA creates the presumption of guilt by race.  AA has universalized group guilt, and has driven a stake through the Equal Protection Clause of the US Constitution.

If you wonder why we can't enforce our immigration laws the way we did for 200 years, it's because AA is now insatiable.  It keeps looking for victim groups, because it is driven by the power greed of the left.  Obama wants to legalize Mexican illegals to make another dependency class that will vote Democrat.  He wants Muslims to be a new victim class, because they will vote for him and bring in Saudi money to fill leftist coffers for generations to come.

"Affirmative action" has castrated the Constitution.  If you doubt that this is a socialist move, just look at Europe, which has used exactly the same tactics to import 53 million Muslims to live on welfare and vote Socialist.  That is why Europe is sinking.  If AA is allowed to run things, the left is guaranteed to stay in power forever. 

Watergate was a third-rate burglary, but Nixon's affirmative action order may topple America as a nation.  Americans are no longer equal.  We are color-coded M&M candies.  The left can play any color against the others for generations to come.

The Nazis were just another racial socialist movement.  Ethnic scapegoating was their road to power.  Racial socialism has a fearful historical track record.

I saw the AA mafia rising in academia when I was serving my sentence there.  In English, education, communication, and ethnic studies, AA brought in the radical left -- not by merit, but by race, gender, and militancy.  If you're gay you get preferential hiring in some colleges today.  Agitators like Bill Ayers get life tenure as "education" professors because education became Marxified.  That's how the left took over the colleges.  That's why your kids can't read today -- but they are brainwashed to feel guilt because of African-American slavery that ended in 1865.  That's also why the left will never talk about twelve centuries of Muslim slavers.  Like poverty, slavery is just an excuse for the left.  They don't care about slavery.  They care about power.

When the left took over our colleges they started churning out clones, like HIV does.  The "marketplace of ideas" became the clone factory of the left.  Today they control the media and the culture, and broadcast an endless stream of agitprop for more AA, which is just racial revenge.

Obama's idol Malcolm X was Mr. Racial Revenge.  Jerry Wright hammered that message home for twenty years.  But then, Obama's mentor "Frank" was one enraged black guy for the CPUSA in Hawaii.  Little Barry never heard anything different in his life.  He was brainwashed by nearly every significant adult in his life path.  No wonder he looks so out of place.  He's never known a normal person in his life.

In 2008 Obama bamboozled the nice liberals who fell for the Racial Revenge narrative.  But back in reality it's black people who now have a 35% unemployment rate.  Anne Coulter points out:

When blacks were only four generations out of slavery, their illegitimacy rate was about 23 percent (lower than the white illegitimacy rate is now). Then Democrats decided to help them! Barely two generations since LBJ's Great Society programs began, the black illegitimacy rate has tripled to 72 percent.

That's the best predictor of school dropouts, gang warfare, crime, drug abuse, and yes, more unmarried pregnancies for more kids growing up in pathological conditions.  It's an epidemic.

Socialism destroys families, as you just saw in London, and then the media beat home the message that more socialism is the answer.  HIV works the same way.

Our fantabulous hero Obama should be called Barack bin Nixon, because his spiritual father is truly Richard Milhous Nixon.

The Equal Protection Clause now has a huge hole in its heart, and the left will drive one victim group after another through that hole, until the Constitution is all hole and no parchment. 

Nixon planted the dragon seed, and Obama popped out.

It's very sad.

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