Has Progressivism Ruined Environmental Science?

In my thirty years of work in the science arena, as a government scientist, an industry consultant, and an academician, I have witnessed an increasingly adverse influence of progressivism on the practice of science.  This influence has been especially visible in my specialty, environmental science (with a focus on air-pollution meteorology). From the start of the modern environmental movement with the publication of Silent Spring by Rachel Carson in 1962 followed by The Population Bomb by Paul Ehrlich in 1968, the science of the environment became overly contentious.  Certainly, diversity of opinion and positions in the scientific community is desirable and largely advantageous to the advancement of the discipline.  But, what quickly developed was a progressive environmentalism that elevated nature back to the Gaian status of the ancients and established one viewpoint as dogma.  Soon, conformance to this one holy vision (as opposed to the usual ad...(Read Full Article)