Getting Hired

Watching pre-1990s movies, you will often see managers finding or making jobs for their friends and new acquaintances.  The older the movie, the truer the statement.  Most new hires still are brought in by someone they know, but in today's economy, finding a friend who can hire you is becoming more difficult, and so finding a job revolves around applying to job postings.  Those postings are often unclear, loaded with nitpicked qualifications, and lack any contact information; their only instructions being on how to send your resume into a deep, dark electronic black hole.  How can anyone find a job, when the person (or computer) you have to apply to is the company gatekeeper, whose self-appointed duty is to keep you out? Job postings of today are not the job postings of yesteryear.  Up until about 20 years ago, a job was posted by a manager, with that manager as the contact.  The manager would collect and review applications and take calls from...(Read Full Article)