Debate's Biggest Loser? Chris Wallace and Fox

While there seems to be some debate over who won the Republican debate in Ames, Iowa, there seems to be consensus on who lost: Fox News in general and Chris Wallace specifically.  In the mind of many conservatives, the Fox questioners did their best MSNBC impersonations by peppering the candidates with tough yet mostly meaningless irrelevancies.  Folks are asking what good are tough questions if they are meaningless?  I submit they are of no use at all. Which brings up another question: what is the point of a debate anyway?  Or an interview for that matter?  The point should be to shed light on who might make a good President.  But that's not what motivates the media in these events.  The typical debate or interview question is all about the interviewer trying to make himself or herself look good by putting the candidate in an awkward situation.  The media, and many Americans, have been lulled to sleep under the ridiculous assumption that...(Read Full Article)