Class Warfare Erupts Into Just Plain Warfare

Lately it seems the only thing more sobering than America's creeping decline is Europe's rapid decline.  The riots in London put a painfully fine point on the dark future that awaits us.  It is true that Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Italy show us the grim numerical realities of unlimited government, but all those nations were past their prime before the American Founding. Great Britain is different.  There are people alive now who remember when Great Britain was the preeminent world power.  Today's hollowed-out version serves as an example of how quickly greatness can slip through a nation's fingers. The riots in London show the logical conclusion of a brand politics which is ashamed of national identity and is built on class warfare. The violence was lit off when, in what has been reported as a gunfight between London police and some number of alleged assailants, a black man named Mark Duggan was killed.  Years of multiculturalism's racial-grievance...(Read Full Article)