Castro Regime Opens Nightclub in Washington D.C.

Castro's embassy (euphemized as "Interest Section") in Washington D.C. will soon open and in-house "invitation-only" nightclub named "Hemingway's Bar." The news comes courtesy of The Atlantic Magazine -- the same Atlantic that a year ago smugly predicted Communism's immediate end in Cuba. Fidel Castro himself had vouchsafed the scoop to a smug Atlantic editor visiting his fiefdom at the time. "I plan to go and will want a Hemingway Daiquiri," smirks the Atlantic magazine's senior editor Steve Clemons regarding the upcoming Hemingway's Bar, "double the rum, and no sugar." (All drinks will be on the house, actually. Buying from Castro's regime remains illegal in the U.S.) That Cuba's Stalinist regime names a bar after a KGB agent who accompanied a beaming Che Guevara while watching his beloved firing squads murder hundreds of men and boys seems fitting. That the Atlantic magazine's senior editor should smugly anticipate an invitation to the Stalinist regime's exclusive bar also seems...(Read Full Article)