Can Rick Perry Survive the Smear Merchants?

The only force of nature that is faster than the speed of light is the speed at which calumny will collide with a contender for national office.  Therefore, it was to be expected that after Texas Governor Rick Perry threw his wide-brimmed Stetson into the political ring, he would immediately become a target for pundits, opponents, and potential challengers for the nomination and for the General Election. Already there is a plethora of anti-Perry activists hurling a wide-ranging assortment of negative half-truths in an attempt to poison the atmosphere about the guy before the national electorate has a chance to hear from him and examine his record.  Propaganda is a very powerful mind-manipulation device.  It's why so much money is spent on political ads.  Campaign managers know that most of the population will not take the time to do their own independent research on the candidates, preferring to make up their minds after absorbing a myriad of sound bites that they...(Read Full Article)