Bloomberg/Soros Millions for Futile Social Engineering

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg recently announced that New York City would spend nearly $130 million dollars over three years to help the city' 315,000 young blacks and Hispanics who are undereducated, incarcerated and unemployed. Bloomberg himself would pay $30 million, George Soros another $30 million with the city financing the balance. The ambitious endeavor begins with job recruitment centers where many black and Hispanics live while receiving retraining from probation officers to cut recidivism rates. Also included are fatherhood classes and closer tracking of academic performance.  The outreach involves multiple city bureaucracies, will start in middle schools and include remedial math and literacy classes, plus $7.25 an hour internships.  The performance of these young men will also determine decisions about school closings, a powerful incentive for teachers and administrators.  Meanwhile, the city's Probation Department would open five satellite probation offices...(Read Full Article)