Big Media's Big Palin Problem

Are some things inevitable?  Do certain circumstances lend themselves to the unavoidable hand of destiny?  Are Washington politicos usually correct when making predictions based upon "conventional wisdom"?  Per the media's prodding, shall we just go ahead and start calling him President Rick Perry?  Not if former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has anything to say about it.  Last week, in what is best described as trademark Palin unpredictablity, the self-described hockey mom drove a stake into the heart of three distinct narratives that, for months, have been reverberating throughout the echo-chambers of Big Media. First, in an interview with FOX News' Sean Hannity, the former Alaska governor began gently tarring former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney with the same sort of criticism she has more often reserved for President Obama -- that of ditherer-in-chief.  Mrs. Palin pointedly mocked Romney's political wind-testing approach to the debt debate, and in...(Read Full Article)