Bearing No Faith or Allegiance to the Constitution

Before taking a seat in Congress, all elected senators and representatives must swear an oath of office.  In summary, they are required to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, bearing full faith and allegiance to our nation's foundational law.  Their oath confirms their willingness to bear these duties freely and without reservation.  It seems the vow was changed when the people weren't looking. Too many members of Congress regard the Constitution as an obstacle, not as a sacrosanct document they must support and defend.  They bear little faith, and less allegiance, to its directives.  The Constitution, now a "living" document, has devolved into a legislative and bureaucratic playground where anything goes.  Alleged representatives have decreed the federal government above the restraints imposed by a 200-year-old parchment.  There are no constraints, no delegated federal powers, and no reservation of non-delegated powers for the...(Read Full Article)