The Superiority of School Vouchers Demonstrated

The failure of the American K-12 public school system has been obvious for decades.  Some of us fossils can recall the public uproar that accompanied the release of the report "A Nation at Risk" back in 1987, documenting the mediocre at best, disastrously bad at worst performance of the nation's public schools. The public school special interest groups (the PSSIGs) -- that is, public school administrators, education department professors, "labor studies" professors, textbook publishers, and most notoriously teachers unions and their members -- managed to turn the outrage into support for jacking up spending. Over the last quarter-century, we have nearly doubled our national per capita spending -- we now outspend per capita for K-12 education every other nation on Earth but one.  But our national student scores have remained flat, while internationally, we have dropped in ranking among developed nations from 14th during the 1970s down to 24th place today. Fabulous news,...(Read Full Article)