All the Wrong Things

Lately, the Homeland Security Department is a busy place.  Coinciding with the release of a series of "If You See Something, Say Something" public service announcements starring actors that look nothing like those responsible for the majority of terrorist activity here in the US, both Obama and Janet Napolitano are on red alert and deeply concerned about "Lone Wolf" terrorism.  "Big Sis" Janet Napolitano is back to warning Americans to be on the lookout for "right wing extremists" such as military war veterans, pro-life activists, and anyone who prefers smaller government. In conjunction with the "White People with Bombs" video, the Department of Homeland Security released a bulletin that listed several examples of potential terrorists, including last month's thwarted plot by a US soldier to launch an assault in Fort Hood, Texas and the July attack by -- you guessed it -- a "right-wing extremist in Norway" who slaughtered dozens of innocent children. In the 2009 unclassified...(Read Full Article)