A Ridley Scott Movie for Conservatives

For maybe a decade now, I've been conducting a one-man boycott of Hollywood.  Even so, I eventually see some new movies on cable, but I don't pay to see them in the theatre.  And now that I have my 1080p Vizio HDTV, not seeing flicks in the theatre isn't a big deal.  The reason I'm not supporting Hollywood (by buying first-run movie tickets) is that I'm put off by Hollywood celebrities who use their privileged station in society to espouse their wacky and un-American views. My boycott isn't absolute, however, as I make exceptions for movies I want to support.  For instance, as a fan of novelist Cormac McCarthy, I saw No Country for Old Men in the theatre (and the Coen boys did a great job of adapting the book).  Despite such exceptions, I've probably been seeing less than one movie a year in the theatre over the last decade. So my boycott has kept me until just recently from seeing the 2010 movie I'm recommending to conservatives: director Ridley Scott's Robin...(Read Full Article)