What is 'White Nationalism'? A Reply to Dean Malik

A July 11 American Thinker essay by Dean Malik criticizing white nationalism provoked a brisk debate in these pages that involved Jack Kerwick, Jerry Woodruff, and again Mr. Malik, as well as Vdare.com.  I have been both praised and criticized in these exchanges, so I am grateful for an opportunity to speak for myself.   Mr. Malik promotes a multi-racial version of "American exceptionalism," which leads him to denounce what he calls "white nationalism."  I believe he misunderstands both terms.  Mr. Malik seems to think the Founders wanted to "escape from tribal loyalties," that they anticipated today's race-can-be-made-not-to-matter egalitarianism and dreamed of a land in which all races and nationalities would mingle.  He is mistaken.  Until just a few decades ago, white Americans generally believed race was a fundamental aspect of individual and group identity.  They believed people of different races had different temperaments and abilities...(Read Full Article)