TSA: A Portrait in Islamization

On June 18th in an airport in Florida, Transportation Security Administration agents required a 95-year-old woman with leukemia to remove her adult diaper if she wanted to pass their inspection and travel.  The TSA says they would have been satisfied with merely feeling around the garment, but it was wet.  Whatever version, this constitutes yet another debasing treatment of an absolutely non-threatening American citizen for the purpose of protecting Muslim honor.  So as to be sensitive and not profile young Islamic men -- the demographic group most likely to be terrorists -- our policy is ending up dishonoring and humiliating American citizens, be they grammas or little girls, who in no way pose a threat. This is not simply foolish, but evidence that our governmental agencies are already engaged in Islamization, for Islamization has taken root when a society abandons its decades of prevailing standards of dignity and common sense so as to accommodate Islam.  In...(Read Full Article)