Trying to Move On MoveOn.Org

In the spirit of ecumenism, and convinced that there is too much one-sidedness in the political discussion now riving the country, I attended my first (and probably only) meeting of, the radical progressive organization that, backed by the billions of Richie Rich radical mover and shaker George Soros, has spearheaded so much dissension since the advent of Bush 43, and now continues to fulminate against those on the right who stand against the dubious programs of President Barack Obama.  Using a pseudonym, I checked into the meeting held on East 49th.  The meeting was called for 3 pm, and lasted close to three hours.  The 8-page agenda handout was entitled AMERICAN DREAM HOUSE MEETING, and was hosted, it said, by Rebuild the Dream, "powered by civic action." Civic Action is listed as a 501(c)(4) organization that primarily focuses on "non-partisan" education and advocacy on important national issues.  Its membership numbers are...(Read Full Article)