Obama's Underhanded Budget Endgame

Barack Obama, after extending the Bush-era tax cuts in the lame duck session last year against his wishes, is seeking to redeem himself by launching an all new (but oh-so-familiar) assault upon wealthy Americans.  And this time, in his desperation, the attacks are all the more venomous, and concentrated on Republican support of the extremely wealthy.  He has gone to great lengths to assure America that while Democrats support children, safe food, weather technology, and medical research, Republicans support corporate jets.  Of course, the big, bad corporate billionaire that gallivants around the globe on a personal jet burning carbon and money makes a great enemy of the people.  And best of all, with a $10-million average price tag, it's probably safe to say that you don't know anyone who owns a private jet, and therefore have no reason to defend anyone who does.  But all the "corporate jet" talk is nothing more than a flamboyant diversion.  After all, if...(Read Full Article)