The Truth About the Palestinians

The West Bank doesn't belong to the Palestinians, and it never has.  The argument that Israel is "occupying Palestinian territory" is a complete fabrication, but that doesn't prevent Israel haters from buying it.  Danny Ayalon, Israel's deputy foreign minister, recently posted a YouTube video in which he laid out the facts.  It's titled "The Truth About the West Bank."  If you watch it, the truth will amaze you, but you'll be even more astonished when you learn the truth about the Palestinians. A few days ago, Al Arabiya News, hardly an ally of Israel, ran an article by Omar Rahman titled "Economic Crisis Looms as Palestinians near UN Push in September."  Rahman points out that the Palestinian Authority faces a "massive budget shortfall" and that it has already reached its debt limit, so borrowing is becoming increasingly difficult.  Why?  What's the problem? According to Rahman, it's because of the Palestinian statehood initiative in the UN. ...(Read Full Article)