The Palestinians Are Bluffing

The Palestinian Authority has been agitating to become a U.N. member-state for two years.  It appears they have secured the support of a majority of other member-states in the General Assembly to achieve U.N. recognition as a state.  But they will not become members of the organization because the U.S. intends to veto their request in the UNSC. So what exactly does recognition by a majority of member states in the General Assembly secure for the Palestinians? For their part, the Palestinians seem to think they will be obtaining everything they ever dreamed of.  In the first place, they seem to think that U.N. General Assembly recognition of an independent sovereign Palestinian state in the 1967 borders with its capital in East Jerusalem will translate de facto and de jure into an actual Palestinian state with those attributes on the ground.  But this is a big bluff. First of all, Abbas has made it perfectly clear that it isn't an independent sovereign state per se...(Read Full Article)