The Media Hates Mitt

There are valid criticisms to be made about Mitt Romney, and those have been well-documented elsewhere.  Still, it is surprising to see the ruthlessness with which Romney's every utterance is used in an attempt to destroy him.  The media seized on two recent comments in particular, but an analysis of these comments reveals them to be innocuous.  Indeed, in both incidents, the media shamelessly took Romney out of context. On the campaign trail, Romney has repeated the mantra that Obama didn't create the recession, "but he made it worse."  This is a particularly good rhetorical approach because Romney makes a concession and then drives his argument home.  It is more effective than denouncing President Obama in apocalyptic terms, as seems to be the strategy employed by other campaigns.  By stating the obvious but often purposefully overlooked fact that Obama really did inherit a mess in January of 2009, Romney establishes a credibility which distinguishes...(Read Full Article)