The Man Who Would Be King

America is in a constitutional crisis.  A sitting president consistently exercises power not granted to him by the U.S. Constitution, and he does so capriciously, defying the attempts of other branches -- given the responsibility to check the executive branch -- to restrain his excess.  The banks, the manufacturing sector, the health care sector, and now the energy sector are all under the de facto control of this determined and brazen individual.  But while U.S. government involvement in the private sector is alarming -- even New Deal power-seizures were rolled back by legislators elected to repudiate the expansionist vision of President Roosevelt -- abuse of war-making authority is another matter entirely.  The man who makes war without the approval of elected legislators is no longer a president, but a king.    President Obama invades Libya without even a pretense to legitimacy, blatantly ignoring the provisions of the War Powers Resolution of...(Read Full Article)