The Insidious Kumbaya on American College Campuses

 On June 7, President Obama appointed Azizah al-Hibri, a Muslim professor and scholar, to the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom.  Obama has already taken al-Hibri's advice to stand up for Muslims against their American critics.  According to Daniel Greenfield's article entitled "The Professor Who Sharia'ed Bill Clinton" (FrontPage article of June 14), Al-Hibri called on Obama to do so at an ISNA meeting two months before her appointment, and she has spent a good deal of her time promoting Islamic law in the United States advocating that Sharia law is superior to American law.   This April, preceding his appointment of Al-Hibri, President Obama set in motion the Interfaith and Community Service Challenge, an initiative to foster tolerance in religion on college campuses.  He designated Eboo Patel, a Rhodes Scholar heading the Interfaith Youth Core, which is an organization that trains "interfaith fellows."  Mr. Patel...(Read Full Article)