The Flat Earth Slur

Tired of being called a Flat Earther because you disagee with climate change proponents?  Flat Earth: that is the typical charge made to anyone, particularly Christians, who dares question the status of anyone who disagrees with the scientific trends upheld by the current scientific "consensus" -- whatever that actually means.  When the charge is made against Christians, the charge gets a two-for-one by belittling Christianity and throwing an age-old charge against the faithful. The current heat wave in the US has brought out the usual claims about the undisputed truth of global warming/climate change/whatever term is in fashion.  Imagine -- a heat wave in July.  And, of course, if you disagree with this conclusion, you must be a Flat Earther. The Flat Earth charge has been debunked from several angles before, and rather well.  I won't elaborate about the Biblical passages that suggest a round planet, or the ones that talk about half the Earth being in...(Read Full Article)