The Failure of Education 'Reform'

Americans today are well aware of the failure of their public education system.  From Arne Duncan to Jeb Bush, the cry for "Education Reform" has echoed across this country over and over again. Since President Obama took office, we've been apprised that putting states on a strict diet of curriculum standards prescribed at the national level is the new way to reform public education and prepare every student in America for the new "global economy."  States may voluntarily adopt the Core Curriculum State Standards (CCSS), we're told, and the administration has made 100 billion dollars of stimulus funds (ARRA) available for a competitive grant process with the reality show title of "Race to the Top" to help states with their implementation. This all sounds fabulous until you put it in the context of the history of public education in America. Since 1965 when Lyndon Johnson prescribed the first Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) based on an inaccurate assumption that...(Read Full Article)