The Danger of a Weak American President

It's now clear that the emperor has no clothes.  By August 2, President Barack Obama could become largely irrelevant in our domestic politics. Unless Monday night's presidential address turns things around, Mr. Obama is about to be a lame duck before his time.  If so, the American people can breathe easier.  To borrow a slogan from the 2004 John Kerry-John Edwards campaign: "Help Is on the Way." But conservatives should not necessarily offer three cheers for this outcome -- which is, let me hasten to add, entirely of the president's own making. As I catalogued here last week, the United States is currently passing through a moment of danger -- both domestically and abroad.  The U.S. economy has now stalled, with the highest level of unemployment since before the Second World War.  Indeed, we haven't had a moment like this since Jimmy Carter became president in the wake of Watergate, the First Oil Shock, stagflation, and the fall of Southeast Asia to the...(Read Full Article)