The Community Organizer Who Would be King

I really have to stop reading MayBee's sarcastic comments   just  before bedtime. She was making fun of Michelle Obama's teleprompter speech to some lady donors:  "It's also pretty funny to picture them, actually sitting on a sofa in the WH residence, her in a designer dress with her Jimmy Choos kicked off in the corner, him with his WH brewed honey ale, reading the 10 letters for the day and saying, 'Michelle, it just isn't right, what people are going through.'  'Why, what do you mean Barack?'  'We have to fix it. I am tired, but I can't rest until this is fixed!'" The next thing I knew I couldn't get the image of Kipling's The Man Who Would be King out of my head. You might remember it. It's the story of two men who travel to a place called "Kafiristan" (actually Afghanistan)  where they offer themselves up as military advisers and trainers to the locals. After helping them defeat their most hated enemy, one of the men (Danny) is treated as a...(Read Full Article)