The Church Devalued and Demeaned

Throughout the history of this country, we have always valued institutions based largely on the contribution they make to society.  For example, universities and colleges have been held in high esteem because of the societal gain derived from education, parks and libraries because of the gain derived from reading and recreation, and churches because of the gain derived from moral and spiritual instruction.  Yet certain aspects of this valuation are changing. Over the past few decades, our culture has shifted under the onslaught of postmodernism, so the moral and spiritual instruction supplied by the church is no longer valued as it used to be.  Therefore, the value which older generations drew from churches via instruction and oversight is now being encroached upon by another value: the almighty dollar. Of course, this push to devalue the church's moral contribution -- and thus its societal value -- is not only dealing a travesty to recent generations gone before us,...(Read Full Article)