The Bitter Fruit of Caylee's Death

The entire time Casey Anthony was on trial, the voices in the media pontificating about justice for the victim didn't seem to notice the hypocrisy of a group that gives its approbation for the slaughter of thousands every day demanding justice for the wrong suffered by two-year-old Caylee Anthony.  Even still, few would argue that the senseless death of a helpless tot isn't heartrending.  However, the larger heartbreak is that in a nation that has faithfully sown the culture of death; the idea of a mother wanting to be free from responsibility by taking the life of her offspring is not all that far-fetched. Whether America believes Casey Anthony is guilty or not is not the issue.  The issue is that no one is totally convinced she didn't.  Most believe Casey dumped the body of her dead child in a swamp and then for 31 days partied and treated herself to a "Beautiful Life" tattoo while her tiny daughter was decomposing inside a plastic bag. A mother doing such a...(Read Full Article)