The 'Ayn Rand vs. Jesus Christ' Campaign

The American Values Network, a left-wing group, with considerable funding by George Soros, has launched a media blitz under the banner "Ayn Rand vs. Jesus Christ."  As an Institute founded by Ayn Rand's heir and devoted to advancing her philosophy, Objectivism, we would like to respond.  Since this is an issue Rand faced repeatedly in her lifetime, our response is basically to let her speak for herself. The AVN campaign is right in saying that Rand opposes accepting any ideas on faith -- i.e., in the absence of rational evidence.  Reason, based on sensory observation, is man's only means of knowledge -- the knowledge on which his life depends.  Accordingly, she considers not only religious faith but any departure from reason to be destructive both personally and culturally. But the AVN is wrong in bringing religion into politics at all.  The American system treats religion as a private matter, not something to shape government policy.  This is a corollary...(Read Full Article)