The Astonishing World to Come

Max Singer's "History of the Future" Lexington Books, 178 pages, $24.95, eBook: $9.99 I've just read one of the most brilliant, most important -- and most optimistic -- books about world politics that's been written in the last hundred years. Reader, have I got your attention?  It's Max Singer's History of the Future, and if Singer is correct -- for those among you who don't know Max, he usually is -- we're heading into a world that will be richer and more peaceful than humanity has ever known. Simply put, Singer's thesis is that starting in roughly 1800 the human race began its transition to modernity.  As we move through the 21st century quite a few countries have completed this transition, dozens are well along in the process, some are only just now beginning to become modern, and others haven't yet started.  This global transition to the modern world is uneven, sometimes violent and often sloppy.  But it's irresistible and broadly speaking irreversible, which...(Read Full Article)