Suckered into Social Security

You know you are a senior when a company advertises that it has been in business since the year you finished college or when the waiter goes out of his way to suggest the seniors' menu.  And you know you are a senior these days when you are called a member of "the greediest generation."  The current deficit crisis is being laid at the feet of seniors due to the obligations of Social Security and Medicare. We seniors think we are "entitled" to benefits since we have been forced all our working lives to contribute to Social Security and Medicare.  Without our consent, a portion of our income and our employer's income has been paid into Social Security and Medicare.  Now we are to believe that we are cheating the federal government by expecting them to uphold this forced contract when it turns out to be unrealistic!  The fact that everyone pays into the system gives the false impression we have been funding our benefits.  When Social Security was being...(Read Full Article)