Social Justice: Obama and the Left's Not-So-Hidden Agenda

I consulted my thesaurus because I thought I have been over-working the word "despicable" in my articles.  However, my research confirmed the word best describes what passes for the modern civil rights movement and Obama administration. I watched a video in which Al Sharpton concluded that MLK fought for social justice.  He mischaracterized Dr King's dream, saying it was to make everything equal in everybody's house.  Sharpton said MLK did not fight simply to put one black family in the White House. MLK was a Republican.  And yet Al Sharpton addressed a congregation of ill-informed blacks, lying to them about MLK's mission.  Sharpton thrives on keeping racial tension, suspicion, and hate alive. To maintain relevance and his cherished seat of power at the Democratic Party round table, Sharpton must continue to deliver a mind-numb, monolithic black vote -- proving himself to be an asset to the furtherance of their social justice agenda.  Thus Sharpton's...(Read Full Article)