Sauce for the Gerrymander

Those who pay attention to political minutiae know that North Carolina is the most gerrymandered state in the nation.  Indeed, four of the state's thirteen districts made Slate's 2009 list of the 20 most gerrymandered districts.  That compares to just three districts in California and two in Illinois.  Slate included the infamous NC-12 in its list.*  The Twelfth Congressional District, whose shape closely resembles the cartoon that put the term "gerrymander" in America's political lexicon, has featured in several federal court decisions on how lines can and cannot be drawn to create minority-in-the-majority districts under the Voting Rights Act.  Since much gerrymandering is done to carve out districts for minorities, it most often benefits Democrats more than Republicans; 17 of the 20 districts on Slate's list were in Democrat hands in 2009, including three of the four North Carolina districts.  Indeed, gerrymandering largely accounts for why...(Read Full Article)