Presidential Elections: An End Run Around the Constitution?

In "Time to rethink the way we vote for presidents," a commentary that appeared on June 26 in the wood pulp version of The Kansas City Star, columnist Steve Kraske opines about a proposal that would effectively end the Electoral College. Kraske reports on a group called National Popular Vote that is pushing bills in state legislatures that would result in this: "All of a state's electoral votes would go to the presidential candidate who receives the most popular votes in the 50 states."  But Mr. Kraske then makes a serious omission: Under the current system, the presidential candidate who wins a state, no mater [sic] how narrowly, grabs the entire parcel of that state's electoral votes. ... With the Electoral College, the votes of people who cast ballots for a losing presidential candidate in any one state don't count. Actually, there are two states that don't abide by the winner-take-all rule, Nebraska and Maine.  Furthermore, any state that would prefer to drop out of...(Read Full Article)