Poisoning the Language of Wealth

Liberals would like you to view all rich people as Paris Hilton and all poor people as Mother Teresa.  This is straightforward class warfare and it is implemented by using prejudicial words.  We should be on the lookout for these phrases and think rather than merely react. One of the most specious phrases used to characterize the wealthy is "the fortunate among us."  Take a look at what this means.  Wealthy people got their wealth through luck.  The successful are not deserving and should rightfully dish out that wealth to the "less fortunate."  This latter crowd arrived at their lack of wealth through no fault of their own and possibly because the lucky rich people somehow took what was rightfully the property of others.  The object of this disdain is clearly conservative rich people, since liberal rich people are on the correct side of the moral firmament. Are poor people hiring these days?  Has no one earned his or her fortune?  Take Mr....(Read Full Article)