Overexposure is Dangerous for Gays and Jews

As Mike Bates at NewsBusters points out, gay-themed news stories have reached an absurd prominence lately.  He was flummoxed by the amount of time devoted by Don Lemon (CNN) to same-sex marriages in New York: Lemon devoted most of the hour-long program to stories of men marrying men and women marrying women.  Less than ten minutes were spent on a potential debt ceiling deal in Washington.  The Norwegian tragedy warranted about four minutes of air time.  It has been almost a month since New York's legislature passed the law.  Voilà: Gay News Overload Syndrome. Barack Obama finally signed the certification for Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal, to great fanfare, with new volleys from the one-track-minded Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, which now vows that its fight is far from over: "Signing legislation that allows for repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' was necessary, but it is not sufficient for ensuring equality in the military," said Sarvis. Judging from...(Read Full Article)