Of Rebels and Rebellions

It has been claimed, by prominent media outlets and even the American government, that right-wing movements comprise insurrectionary parties and that many conservatives are inherently opposed to the existence of our current government.  But by following the writings of a man who greatly influenced the founding of our country, one could reasonably conclude that insurrection in America has already been underway for quite some time -- and that the conservative movement is not its main proponent. John Locke once wrote that society's supreme function is the preservation of its members and their property through the formation of a legislative branch, and subsequently the establishment of law (Second Treatise of Government, sect 87).  Shy of these laws, mankind would be doomed to an existence of war, in which the stronger would subjugate the weaker and in which justice may become revenge and wrongs may never be made right. So it is through this very pursuit of lawful justice...(Read Full Article)