Obama's Whole Lotta Nothing

That was then; this is now: Now America is facing a sovereign debt crisis caused by excessive government borrowing and spending, exacerbated by a recession and by actuary-confirmed, financially unsustainable commitments to entitlements. The failure of government to budget and spend responsibly isn't a Democratic or Republican issue.  American politicians have taxed, borrowed and spent far too much money.  It's irrational and purely ideological for progressives who support Obama to use what they see as Bush administration shortcomings to excuse or defend even greater excesses by the current president and his Democratic congressional allies. America is about to reach a debt ceiling with an administration-applied deadline of August 2.  The president says there will be "fiscal Armageddon" if Congress doesn't act to raise the debt limit.  So, with the clock ticking down, what is the president's plan to reduce spending?  He has proposed...nothing. Regardless, on...(Read Full Article)