Obama's Class Warfare Harms America

Americans are once again being confronted with irresponsible demagoguery unleashed by the President of the United States.  Mr. Obama, in a truly despicable effort to maintain his and his party's supremacy (which is the power of the purse), spared no rhetoric in his recent press conference to exploit class envy as a means of garnering votes.  Unfortunately this approach plays well among the less enlightened and Obama's left-wing base, in the thrall of class warfare.  Enflaming passions and potential violence solely to keep the Democrats and their allies in power.  The reality is these Obama talking points will not solve but will instead exacerbate the current economic woes the country is experiencing. The wealth of Americans is an obsession with the Left -- even as many are themselves quite wealthy.   The last time the IRS published any statistics on that matter was in 2004, when the economy was doing far better than it is today.  At that time there...(Read Full Article)