ObamaCare and the King's Royal Deer

Long ago in jolly old England it was a crime to hunt deer.  Deer in England, you see, belonged to the crown.  Poaching "the King's royal deer" might get you hanged, and with a silken rope.  So Englishmen sailed across the stormy Atlantic to the New World for a little game.  And they found it, in mind-boggling abundance.  And with all the free animal protein they grew taller and stronger. Deer.  It's what's for dinner. We're the descendants of deer slayers.  But, for the last 69 years Americans have lived under a dispensation reminiscent of that under English kings: the Supreme Court ruling in Wickard v. Filburn (1942).  With this decision, it became illegal in America to cultivate one's own land for the purpose of feeding oneself and one's family.  (What?  You thought you were free?) Wickard is worse than the situation in old England because it regulates what one can do with one's own property, not the king's land nor even public...(Read Full Article)