Obama Wussed Out

Mark Halperin is wrong.  He's not a "dick."  He's a wuss, and the story of how he just wussed out has not really been told. In a series of articles and posts here beginning back on March 8, I've followed the reported movements of the U.S. Navy's carrier strike groups around the world, arguing that they offer the best clue to President Barack Obama's strategic thinking on America's proper role in the world. This was undertaken as a thought experiment. At the time, the Arab Spring had broken across the Middle East.  Libya, it seemed to me, presented a fair test of Mr. Obama's intentions -- announced in his 2009 Cairo speech -- as to whether he wished to be perceived (and to act) as the Leader of the Free World.  An important article on this topic by a disillusioned Yale professor appears this week in the New York Review of Books. On March 8, as NATO began its UN-authorized humanitarian intervention in Libya, I highlighted the fact that (a) the United States had...(Read Full Article)